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360 Degree Product Photography for LifeSmart Spas

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Here are 3 LifeSmart spas showing a 360 degree view of all the jets and features. Theses gif files were created from a series of 36 images each using a large custom turntable to accommodate the large size of the spa. Here is a link to see one of these images in practical use advertising.
Wayfair LS300 3-Person 17-Jet Plug and Play Spa with Adjustable Waterfall

E-commerce product photography in San Diego

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I don’t usually show Products photographed on a white background, but it is common work I am more than able to do and thought it would be good to show one example that I recently did first Salco sprinklers. If you have the need for E-commerce product photography in San Diego isolated on white background please reach out to ODonnell photograf in San Diego at

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Time-lapse video on location for Watkins Wellness Spa

Time-lapse video on location for Watkins Spa

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Here is a short little Time-lapse video on location for Watkins Wellness Spa in Solana Beach capturing a bit of the set up for pictures. We used the DJI Ronin-m for video. The sun was starting to leak in through the sun  roof so we set up a 12′ x 12′ scrim to soften the light as shown in the photo. There was a little bit of wind that day, which made it a bit of a challenge to use the DJI Ronin-m on a c-stand and not have it sway in the breeze. We had to get two different angles on the spa, and I would have preferred to have not had a fireplace in the foreground, but we were able to work around it in most of the shots. You can see some of the finished images in an earlier post. Also check out more work at

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