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MMA Champion – Cory Sittner

Kayla Backlund – AdvoCare Distributor

Donnelly Family – AdvoCare Distributors

Fournier Family – Advocare Distributors

Scott and Krisit McGihon – AdvoCare Distributors

Muffin Men

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These are photos of my step-son and a local crew of friends that he skates with (every day) called the Muffin Men. The first image was created combining 10 different photos and blending them together in Photoshop.

Linfield Christian School

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We spent a full day at Linfield Christian School photographing kids from kindergarten up to high school. They have a beautiful campus right by a lake and offer a lot of things to make learning fun. It was interesting to be back in school and see just how much learning has changed with technology available today.

Fun Moment

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The majority of what I photograph is often set up and planned out, but while shooting a 1950s Pontiac for stock work, I had a smart car pull up right in front and found the placement,color and timing to be perfect. Also the gas station in the back added a nice touch (unfortunately gas is up to $4.20 now).