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Lifestyle Photographs on a Windy Day

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Here are some photos from a location series shot back in early March for a hot tub client. This lifestyle photo shoot had a lot of challenges. The light was pretty direct and it was windy. We had a 20×20 overhead to minimize squinting and help soften the hard shadows and then added a fill with two large softboxes and created our own hair light with a kicker behind the models. The wind made it hard to blow bubbles so we added a few in post production and added some yellow into the fake green ivy to make it more realistic. Wetting down the ground helped hide blemishes, accidental splashes and makes the texture pop more. The makeup artist made sure to tie up the girls hair so it wasn’t blowing everywhere and to keep it out of the water

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Aquaterra Miramar Spa on Location in Rancho Santa Fe

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This shot almost turned into a retouching nightmare. Just as we were getting ready to shoot the jets stopped working. Fortunately we had a great crew on set that was able to switch the control box from another spa and save me from having to drop in bubbles at just the right angle on every single shot!

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Summer Time Fitness

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Summer is almost over but it’s not too late to still get in the water! Here is some underwater location photography for Endless pools. #odonnellphotograf #endlesspools #sandiegolocationphotography #sandiegophotographer #fitness #exercising #sandiegocommercialproject #sandiegoportraits #ofoto #summer #summertime #summerfun #summerday #summertimefun #summerswim #kidsfun #splash

E550 Exercise Pool Photography on Location in San Diego

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Here are some new photos taken for Endless Pools taken by ODonnell Photograf out on location in San Diego County. The latest E550 model works as a swim machine, treadmill, and has other exercise feautures. The aerial image was taken using the Phantom III.

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