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Photos for Ian Thompson Surfboards

This photograph was captured by Skip O’Donnell, owner of O’Donnell Photograf, located in the charming town of Cardiff by the Sea, north of San Diego. During the shoot, Skip had the privilege of photographing Ian Thompson, a classic surfboard shaper and master craftsman.
Ian’s technique is steeped in tradition, where he hand-mills and creates custom stringers out of redwood and agave before bonding the foam with his specially crafted stringers and fins. Furthermore, Ian personally takes care of the glassing in his workshop, ensuring that every component of the board is meticulously created with his own hands.
Ian’s surfboards are celebrated for their superior quality and exceptional craftsmanship. Their style is classic, reminiscent of surfing’s early days. If you seek a surfboard that will stand the test of time while embodying timeless elegance, then an Ian Thompson board is the perfect option for you.

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